Continuous monitoring of vital signs

Secure and user friendly health data management


An efficient digital tool for optimized, connected and continuous health care


Support to patients with chronic diseases

Vitabits enables health management based on clinical pathways for chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, COPD, asthma, CHF, etc.

Supports over 50 medical devices

Vitabits enables health monitoring using different certified medical devices approved by clinicians.

OpenEHR/FHIR compliant

Vitabits by design supports and promotes the communication with FHIR or OpenEHR complaint systems.

Guarantees safety and security

Communication between hub and platform is encrypted. The data in the repository is only available to patients and authorized medical care providers.

Allows remote management

Using dedicated management platform, Vitabits hubs can be remotely monitored and managed through GUI or API.

Enables video communication

With video communication and messaging, care providers can deliver timely and convenient care to patients in the comfort of their own home.

Provides great user experience

Vitabits user interface is designed to be intuitive and friendly, thus suitable for elderly users.

Supports BYOD

Supports BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Additional measurement devices can be integrated on your request.


Key features

Hub or gateway is a software that supports an easy and efficient self-measurement of patient’s vital signs and safe data transfer to the cloud. The software is generic, i.e. it runs on a smart phone, tablet, TV-box or on a dedicated standalone device. Basic functionalities are:

  • Integration of various measurement devices and sensors
  • Device auto-detection
  • Multi-user support
  • Secure transfer of data to the backend system
  • Support for chronical diseases (diabetes, asthma, CHF, COPD,...)
  • Support of daily activities, reminders, and warnings
  • Support for video communication/instant messaging


Vitabits mobile

Vitabits mobile hub type is a software that can be run on any Android mobile device (phones, tablets). In case of a dedicated device, the software can be run in the kiosk mode and device can be managed remotely.

Vitabits box

Vitabits box hub type is a dedicated device without GUI, which can communicate with the medical devices and send measurements to the platform. It is managed remotely.

Vitabits TV

Vitabits TV hub type is a software that can be run on any Android TV or Android set-top box. This version is especially suitable for elderly people that do not have an Android phone or a tablet.


Key features

Management platform is a cloud enabled server that implements all required functions for remote management of vitabits hubs. The management services are available through GUI of Admin Portal or over dedicated API. The platform serves as a safe and secure data storage. Basic functionalities are:

  • Remote management and control
  • Administrative support for the entire life cycle of remote patient monitoring
  • Application program interface (API) implementing Push/Pull services for remote management and data retrieval
  • Safe and secure repository for data


Key features

The Clinician portal allows remote monitoring of chronic patients. The medical staff can use the portal to plan patient’s therapy, remotely monitor patient’s measurements of vital signs, and access and analyze data obtained by questionnaires and recording of patient’s eating habits. Medical staff can communicate with them using video communication or messaging. Basic functionalities are:

  • Planning of patient's remote therapy
  • Overview of patients' data from the backend medical information system
  • Overview of measurements, patient’s nutrition information, and patients’ chronic disease management levels
  • Remote communication with the patient
  • Publishing educational content for patients